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Always a volume beyound  - up to 1700 m3


Behind the scenes of CITERNEO


CITERNEO, the expert of the flexible reserve and hydrant tank up to 2,000 m³

With an experience of over 10 years in the field of bladder or pillow tanks, the CITERNEO group offers an unrivaled range of flexible tanksbagspouchespillow tanksbladdershydrant tanks and self-supporting cisterns of high quality, from 1 to 2,000 m3. CITERNEO also provides many types of equipment specially adapted to the most advanced liquid storage needs (water, wastewater, fire reserve, liquid fertilizer, hydrocarbon, manure): special overflow Securflow, exclusive anti-vortex Securtex for bladder tanks, specific brewing system for effluents and a full range of high performance equipment for all liquid storage in bladder tanks or hydrant tanks.

Storage pillow tanks and hydrant tank, made in France and available worldwide

Designed and manufactured in our factories at Amboise (Indre-et-Loire), CITERNEO bladder tanks for liquid storage are present all over the world with storage solutions for agriculture professionals, industry, BTP, communities... Their high thermal resistance (from -30 to + 70°C), the practical and convenient aspects of the bladder tank in terms of transport and installation, as well as their low cost of purchase and maintenance, allow the flexible tank (also known as pillow tank or bladder tank) and hydrant tank to be present all over the world for safe, reliable and durable storage of liquid. As a sign of particularly outstanding quality management, CITERNEO group is ISO 9001 certified for the design and manufacture of flexible tanks (also known as pillow or bladder tank). 
High performance technical fabrics used for flexible tanks and hydrant tank benefit from exclusive EXOM+ technology that gives them outstanding properties in terms of puncture resistance, for instance. Widths of the bladder tanks are assembled by high frequency welding, giving them greater strength to the fabric itself for a sustainable and practical storage.

The storage of liquid (water, rainwater, wastewater, manure, liquid fertilizer, slurry...) flexible, reliable, environmentally friendly and economical

CITERNEO tanks are the most ecological and economic liquid storage solutions. They are easily installed in a few hours on a leveled and stable ground without any major earthworks on a levelled and stable ground. Liquids stored (water, waste, liquid fertilizer, hydrocarbon, slurry, manure...) in bladder tanks are protected from algae and fungal growth, thanks to the absence of air in the tank, as well as the UV treatment of the high performance fabric. This closed structure prevents evaporation, external contamination, risks of falls and confines odors, allowing for optimal long-term liquid storage in line with industry standards. The specific technical fabric CITERNEO benefits from the EXOM+ technology that ensures exceptional resistance to puncture, it also allows pillow tanks or pouches to reach the storage volume of 2,000 m³.

The innovative expert of the flexible tank (also called bladder tank or pillow tank), hydrant tank...

The CITERNEO Research and Development Department made the product evolve to become the ideal solution for liquid storage up to 2,000 m3. The size, number and placement of pickings on the bladder tank and the types of outputs are fully customizable for a flexible tank tailored to your installations: fire hydrant, goosenecks, gate valves, quarter-turn valves... Water harvesting reserves, water tanks, drinking water pillow tanks, pouch for effluents (wastewater, leachate, manure, sewage sludge ...), flexible tanks for liquid fertilizer, hydrocarbon reserves, bladder tank for digestate, flexible tank for processed liquid, bladder tanks for slurry... The CITERNEO group will provide the appropriate liquid storage solution.