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Slurry tanks for effluents

The economic and ecological flexible tank for effluents storage (manure, leachate, digestate, lixiviate, slurry, wastewater, sewage sludge…)

CITERNEO flexible cisterns (also called flexible tanks or pillow tanks) for effluents storage (manure, slurry, wastewater, surface water, leachate, digestate, sewage sludge ...) have many advantages tanks to their closed structure, their incomparable volumes, the quality of the fabrics they are made of and their equipment specifically designed and adapted for CITERNEO flexible tank.

Completely sealed, CITERNEO flexible pouches for the storage effluents (wastewater, slurry, manure, leachate, digestate…) benefit of EXOM and EXOM + advanced technologies to reach volumes of 2,000 m3. The specific WR technical fabric allows the storage of the most aggressive effluents in flexible tank: leachate, digestate, wastewater (white water, brown water, green water), agricultural effluents, wine effluents, slurry...
A slurry bag can be easily installed in less than an hour (for the smallest volumes) on a levelled ground.