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A landscape fabric: The desherbache

Desherbache is a fabric cut to your cistern’s format. Overlapping your flexible tank, it forms a barrier against the sun and oxygen to stop plant growth. This guarantees perfect protection of the cistern, requiring no maintenance. Your flexible tank is effortlessly protected. Desherbache is easily and rapidly laid in a few minutes, at the same time as the installation of your new cistern or on a previously installed cistern.

Resistant to extreme weather conditions (-30 °C, +70 °C), the fabric’s life cycle is at least as long as that of your flexible cistern. Desherbache can be moved with the cistern, leaving the vegetation to grow back when it has been removed.

The advantages

Ecological: Environmentally friendly, it does away with the need for pesticides or use of a fuel- or electricity-consuming strimmer.

Adaptable: Made-to-measure to fit the cistern, it can be moved and reinstalled with it.

Economic: Less costly than a rigid installation and requiring no maintenance, the purchase cost is rapidly recouped compared to the expense of regular maintenance.

Durable: Resists extreme temperatures thanks to its high-resistance technical fabric. Once installed, it follows the cistern for its whole life cycle.

Safe: No risk of cutting when mowing around the cistern. Guarantees a clean and well-maintained contour.

Modular: It can be installed under an existing cistern: Just empty the cistern of its contents for its installation.


Maintaining the contour of a flexible cistern is often costly and not very environmentally friendly. Désherbache is our green and economic solution for easy maintenance!

Don’t hesitate to ask us for an estimate or further information.