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EXOM+ specific technology for flexible tank

Technological evolution must be mastered and controlled. To comply with its prerequisites, the CITERNEO company has chosen to be a driving force in the relationship with its suppliers by providing them with specifications that meet precise and efficient characteristics. This requirement translates for our customers as a guarantee of reliability and security.

Specific technology for CITERNEO flexible tanks

Consisting of a woven framework in high-precision PES (polyester) composite textile membranes used in the EEXOM+ protocol have remarkable dimensional stability specially adapted to the architecture of self-supporting flexible tanks.

This support is then covered in a precise protocol coating of several high performance polymer layers (polyvinyl chloride). The EXOM+ technologies are specific to the CITERNEOgroup in addition to the many reference equipment.

What is EXOM+ technology?

The term "EXOM+" refers to the high-precision technology that governs the design, composition and production of technical fabrics that make up the membranes of CITERNEO bladders.

It has been developed specifically for the particular constraints of tanks from 1000 to 2000 m3. With EXOM+CITERNEO is able to offer flexible tank with a capacity up to 2000m3, made in France.