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Established in Amboise, in the heart of the Loire Valley, part of the UNESCO (United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization) world heritage list, CITERNEO is the French specialist and one of the world leaders in the production of self-supporting flexible tanks from 1 to 2,000 m3. We therefore have a duty to be exemplary.

We currently face new climate challenges. To deal with future issues, we have made a determined and sustainable commitment to a CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) policy, closely linked to our corporate values of Safety, Performance, Innovation and Quality. This policy consists of 6 levers.


We consider that CSR is an integral part of CITERNEO’s strategy. It is structured around the identification of our stakeholders and, in particular, providing answers to their expectations. These constructive exchanges promote daily cross-cutting action and position CITERNEO’s strategy in a corporate dynamic that encourages motivation and the achievement of defined performance goals.

CITERNEO also sets itself closely followed and structured processes that have earned it several labels and certifications (ISO 9001 standard, QB, DWA, etc.). These guarantee our customers the delivery of reliable, high-quality products and commit CITERNEO to a continuous improvement process.


We are convinced that a positive dynamic in the workplace forms the basis for the viability of any business structure. Good Quality of Work Life (QWL) is a source of internal motivation and commitment that helps develop individual and/or collective innovation. This lever is therefore key to CITERNEO as it moves forward and rises to new and great challenges every day. To succeed in this, we have developed targeted actions linked to safety and well-being, dialogue and conviviality, gender equality, employment and integration of young people as well as the inclusion of persons with a disability in the workplace.


Through the very nature of our activity, CITERNEO is highly aware of environment protection issues. We design our products to limit our environmental footprint and find solutions to our customers’ issues.

Relevant environmental actions are rolled out at the heart of our activities and our encouraged at Team CITERNEO. They include reducing waste, reusing materials internally or choosing not to use water in our production processes.

We also encourage green mobility. To this end, a cycle shelter has been built for our employees.


Aware of the importance of giving value to our heritage and our local territory, we make all our products, without exception, at our plant in Amboise, Indre-et-Loire (37), France. This choice goes hand in hand with our wish to contribute to the economy and employment in France, as testified by our “French Fab” label and the "Origine France garantie" certification.

We also develop our local involvement:

  • by sourcing purchases locally, where possible,
  • by participating in eco-citizen actions,
  • by being active members of several local associations (CCI, GEIDA, MEDEF Touraine) to promote the development of the employment area.

As part of our values, we can also respond favorably to requests from humanitarian organizations and programs beyond our territory!


Customer satisfaction is part of our genetic make-up. We therefore pay special attention to each of our customers’ individual needs. Our sales team is trained to provide reactive support to our customers.

In our constant quest for innovation, we have a Research and Development and dynamic engineering department with integrated lab. They regularly develop new products and allow us to offer specific equipment such as our technical fabric linked to exclusive EXOM+ technology or DESHERBACHE.


We are the French specialist and one of the world leaders in our field. Our financial solidity and our constantly growing turnover allow us to modernise our means of production in order to:

  • improve work conditions,
  • create new jobs,
  • support our evolution and gear up our development,
  • maintain very satisfactory value for money compared to competitors and other products on the market.

Optimisation of our costs guarantees our customers the supply of cisterns with very satisfactory and justified value for money.


Together we work to meet tomorrow’s social, economic and environmental issues!