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Reference equipments

With a wealth of experience and unique expertise in the service of professionals, the CITERNEO group has developed a range of accessories and innovative systems, specifically designed for self-supporting flexible tanks.

1. S + valve thermal protection

Designed by our research department and built in our factory, the range of S + valve thermal protection is specially designed to protect off- soil valves.

2. Corner Plates 4-Pad and 2-Pad

Determined by the volume of the tank, the choice of angle plates 4-Pad and 2-Pad ensures optimum reinforcement of the angles of the tank. Composed of reinforced polypropylene, they fit the corners of the tank and consolidate them.


3. New overflow Securflow 80

Its four openings specially oriented allow optimum water evacuation for total safety when filling your tank. Aesthetic and sturdy, the Securflow 80 is also easier to fit on the tank than classical overflows. The composition of the Securflow 80, made of specific polypropylene filled with glass fiber gives it particularly suitable mechanical properties.


4. Level control Level Switch

This precision instrument allows the installation of an automated system for filling / emptying.


5. New anti-vortex Securtex 3

Formed of polypropylene reinforced with glass fiber compound, the anti-vortex Securtex 3 is safe from twisting, pushing, crushing. Thus it prevents the plug-effect following from the torsion of the anti-vortex and can be prejudicial to the filling or/and the emptying of the tank.


6. Dualflow Brewing System

This ingenious system with notably a brass gate valve and a gooseneck both adaptable to various diameters allows efficient mixing of effluents contained in the tank.


7. Desherbache

The desherbache allows you to protect the edge of your flexible tank from plants. No more mowing and pesticides, with the desherbache no more maintenance is required! The DESHERBACHE is a fabric specifically adapted to your cistern format and has an easy and quick installation.